Things to know about Cheap Double Glazing

Once you have decided to install new double glazing, you obviously need to choose the type of windows and from whom you will purchase the windows and who will install them.

We have listed a few of things you will need to consider and which will hopefully aid you in the process of buying new windows. We have to say that we would not wish you to act directly on the comments made here and you should always double check any facts.

Window Style

Firstly, you need to decide on the style of window you will be installing.

Cheap Double GlazingHere are a few basic design tips to think about. It’s common sense, but worth stating, that the window style should be in keeping with the property. Indeed, if you choose wisely you can improve the look of your property.

A couple of basic things to think about are the ventilation required and the security. If the window faces a busy road then noise reduction is a priority, whereas bedroom windows for example will benefit from increased ventilation.

One thing to avoid is choosing windows that are out of keeping with the style of property.

There is nothing worse than seeing cheaper modern windows on stylish old houses. They won’t be stylish any more. So look at plenty of brochures and also look around the neighborhood to see what style windows have been installed on similar properties.

Window Frame

The make of frame may depend on your budget. The most expensive are wooden frames and the cheaper makes are aluminium and uPVC. For a more traditional look the wooden frame is the preferred choice, whereas aluminium and uPVC frames require little maintenance.

The lowest of three is uPVC and this is also an excellent material for good insulation. The major benefit of aluminium is strength. This makes it the most duration and the most secure. For a more detailed look please visit our specifications page.


In almost any area you may live in there is unlikely to be a shortage of double glazing suppliers. Choosing a good supplier is crucial, so here a few ideas on how to go about it.

Firstly, a personal recommendation is a good start. Here your neighbors can help, so if any have recently had new windows fitted see how they got on with the suppliers.

No matter who choose, make sure they can supply good references — and check them out as well. Some companies will operate franchises, so just because a local supplier has a reputable name, it is still worth checking references and viewing samples of their work.


You have a choice here of getting a contractor to do the work, usually recommended by the supplier (or the supplier themselves), or installing them yourself. It makes more sense for professionals to do the work, unless you are very confident of completing the job yourself. A contractor will be insured against damage as well.

If you own a listed building or live in a conservation area, then check with the local authority to see if planning permission is required. find out more at:

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