Composite Double Glazed Doors

Double Glazed DoorsMeeting an impressive range of accreditations and energy efficiency regulations, our composite Double Glazed Doors are designed and featured to deliver exceptional performance and efficiency.

Energy efficiency is a critical aspect of building regulations today, but for a long time all the attention has been on improving windows whilst still leaving incredibly inefficient doors on the market.

Recent changes in the regulations now mean that energy efficient doors are mandatory, meaning they must meet the U-value for doors of 1.8W/m2K or less (the same level as for windows). Packed with the latest in thermal insulation, all Your Price composite GRP doors meet or better the U-value requirements.

Independently rated for thermal efficiency

It’s not just us promising our doors will meet the U-value regulations, all our our products are independently tested and verified by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and a full certificate of compliance is available with every door.

Independently assessed for weather resistance

Energy efficiency doesn’t always hold out under pressure or over time; wear and tear is a common problem with exterior composite doors that can warp and crack, with GRP skin composites you have nothing to worry about.

Tested by the BSI for weather resistance by spraying two litres of water per minute at the door and simulating wind gusts in a pressurised chamber, our products withstood hurricane level conditions and conform to BS6375, PAS24, Qmark and Annexe D accreditation to the TDS standard; testing the door over a simulated aging process.

Eco friendly fabrication from lead free materials

Our GRP composite doors have no lead based additives in the extrusion of the door frame, we use a calcium zinc based compound which delivers the same results but in a way that is much kinder to the planet.

Our doors (here)also use thermal insulation which is CFC free and are built in a waste managed environment; we also reduce waste by building doors proven to last for over 35 years; longer than any other GRP composite door on the market.

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