Comparing costs of UK Home & Garden Improvements @ My Local Prices

After visiting this website it is clear that it is setting itself out to be built into a very comprehensive buyers guide to all thing related to upgrading or re-modelling your home – and it is doing a good job in the process.

My Local Prices: Price Comparison Site Review

At the time of this review there are over 60 pages of information & articles that provide detailed guidance on subjects as diverse as Replacement Windows to Biomass Boilers, each item having its own section with both a guide to buying and a guide to general pricing – showing any type of prices on the page is also unusual in this type of market as many companies do not want to give away this information and often make visitors have to register to get any idea of the costs involved.

That is not to say that you could, for example, accurately price your new extension from what is shown on the site, but it does give you a “ballpark” idea to start with.

My Local Prices: Price ComparisonOn the subject of prices, visitors can request written quotes via a “catch-all’ form that allows selection of a range of products and requires some basic, non-intrusive information to be entered and once sent, MyLocalPrices connects consumers with properly authorised companies and contractors who will provide quotes for free.

Navigation of the site is not too complex, with the menu reasonably well set out and giving easy access to the subject matter of your choice and there are articles on the site which seem to be divided into Advice & Tips or Latest News – these are updated reasonably regularly and you could expect to see a new article on a weekly basis.

In summary, if you want to know more about options for improving or upgrading your home, then you can certainly find something of value on this website – and once you decide on a particular home improvement, it makes it quite simple to get proper quotes to compare prices across the board at

My Local Prices: Price Comparison Site Review